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Perfect smile! Comes with thermal fitting beads and instructions that enable you to get a nice custom fit.

Thin and straight, natural looking teeth. They fit the shape of your teeth and molded in with special thermal beads.

This listing is for size small/medium. The manufacturer recommends this size for women. Most (not all) men can use this product. Please read details about size in the FAQ section below.

(This is not a partial denture or dental device. Not intended for use during eating or sleeping.)

Extra packets of thermal beads are available for $3.95 a packet. No extra shipping fee if purchased with teeth. (Please wait for us to combine invoices and discount shipping.)

They are in our eBay store as "Thermal Beads"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these be worn in public?

A: This is a novelty item. That being said, we have many customers who do wear these to help improve

Their appearance in their daily lives. These are not designed to replace dentures or dental devices.

Q: How many teeth do I need?

A: You need to have at least 4 teeth on each side. They are necessary to anchor the teeth in place.

Q: How many times can I wear this item?
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