Perko Navigator Brass Lantern antique Maritime boat

This auction is for a nice old perkins mfg co brass Navigator's lantern. The lantern is in nice condition with no dings or dents and is complete . I really don't see any signs of hard use at all . It does look like it was repainted at one time. The lantern is marked with "Navigator's Lantern" not "signal" like the others i've seen. It is hard to see because of the paint. The knob to adjust the burner wick is marked with Perko, USA. The back reflector shield inside the lantern does have some minor surface rust on it and is the only thing not brass or copper , rest is non magnetic. Would look really nice cleaned of the paint and polished although I think these were originally black japanned .

The glass window is very thick and is like a magnifying glass. It has a couple small nicks and fine scratches but no cracks or chips. The lantern also has a panel that slides to block the light from coming through or for signaling. It does open and closed smoothly. The door hinges are good and solid and closure snaps shut . Nothing bad about this lantern at all ,

As you can see in the pictures the lantern has several different ways it can be fastened, hooked or held in you hand.

Very nice complete navigator's lantern. Would make a nice piece for on your maritime or lantern collection. If you have any questions please
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