This 2'x6'1" Handmade Persian Rug's wide medallions run the center and stretch to near the edges of the left and ride sides of the rug. Rendered in beautiful dyed yarns, the geometric and floral designs that cover the surface create a wonderful symmetrical harmony. Flowers and vines stretch from the central medallions, leading the eye across the entire surface of the rug. A floral border runs the top and bottom edge, while a red border with a black and white line runs the entire perimeter of the central rectangle.
This is a great example of a Karaja Rug, handwoven in Southern Iran. Created with soft and durable, 100% wool pile, this rug is guaranteed to stand up to generations of use. It is in excellent condition, and has suffered no repairs or damage in its lifetime. The rug's thick wool surface color has been hand-dyed using traditional pigments, and its colors have aged to a beautiful permanence that will suffer no fade.
Our Persian Rugs are the of the highest quality and feature many different textile traditions from across Iran. They will surely make timeless additions to your home. We have rugs in all shapes and sizes, so please browse our HUGE inventory on Ebay!

This carpet is absolutely clean and ready for use in your home. If you desire, non-slip padding cut to size for this piece can be included in your shipment

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