Personal Stereo Cassette Deck Minisette-11 w/box man

You are bidding on a personal Stereo Cassette Deck. It comes with a nice vinyl black case, as well as the box and the manual. The features are: 2 built in sensitive condenser microphones(along with jacks for external mikes or aux signals; built in sophisticated Automatic Level Control(ALC) circuitry gives a perfect recording level plus reduced noise and distortion along with wide dynamic range; Auto stop turns your Minisette 11 off when tape reaches the end of play or record mode(saves battery power and prevents tape damage); Cue/Review feature gives you instant fast forward or rewind while in play mode - handy for locating a desired portion of the tape; Record with normal or CrO2 tapes - plays normal, CrO2 tapes or metal tapes; Pause feature lets you stop tape instantly in record or play mode - makes editing unwanted material easy and lets you transcribe dictation in playback; tape counter helps you quickly find desired sections of tape; one-touch recording - just press record button(no need to use two fingers or press two buttons); Record/Battery LED indicates condition of the batteries nad peaks of the record signal; use with batteries (requires 4 AA)or external adapters through the 6 volt DC jack on the side. THis does include the batteries or the AC adapter. It is in EXCELLENT condition!!!