Peru Internal Chiclayo Lima First Flight Cover '29 L@@K

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Buenos Aires, Argentina Payment is due within 10 days of the auction's close. Only by Paypal.

If You Have any Question for any item, please do it from Monday to Friday, I will not answer questions on Saturdays and Sundays. For all questions please send the item number.

SHIPPING COSTS WORLDWIDE: Up to 2 postcards = 4 US$ - More than 2 postcards please ask 1 Photo = 4 US$ - More than 1 photo please ask. Terms And Conditions of Auction or Stores Articles. 1) FILATELIAMK concede an approval term and guarantee since the receipt of the merchandises (items) by the buyer to the 7 day of that. After this term I don't accept claims or objections.
2) In the presume that the autorship being incorrect and with the claim made by the buyer inside the term of approval, the sell will be solve like as it establish in item 4, whenever the merchandise (item) would be return to FILATELIAMK in the same conditions that it was at the moment of the auction or buy it now.
3) The term of approval and guarantee is untransferable, this mean that the benefits that are include can't be given to a third and only will be applies to the original buyer which figure in the FILATELIAMK records; are excluded, therefore, the subsequents
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