~ Petal ~gorgeous full body~ solid silicone ~ baby girl by Phil Donnelly

PETAL Pretty Petal is a full size baby girl who is very realistic She is full bodied and made from soft ecoflex 30 silicone and her head needs supporting just like a real baby. Petal measures approx 20" and weights a healthy 12 lbs. Phil did an amazing job sculpting this gorgeous girl and she was then moulded by Claire Taylor and brought to life by Tracey of Renaissance babies. What a team! (I have used some of Tracey's pictures to show how fabulous she is, if she'd like me to remove them I will) Tracey painted her with fine layers of silicone paint that will not rub off or fade. She has been gently blushed and painted with light mottling and veining. Her hair has been micro rooted in brown premium mohair and she has beautiful glass eyes.
Only offered for sale as I am a private collector and down-sizing my collection. ~ Please only bid if you want to buy ~Thank you ~