Peter Marshall autograph Americana card LIMTED

Welcome to our Ebay store/Auctions. Hope you enjoy yourself!!! I make it a very important point that every scan posted in all my auctions are individual scans of the exact item for bid or for sale. NO STOCK PHOTOS!!! With the variety of pens, metallic pens, sharpies, etc.. color of inks, where the card is signed as the signed card may be signed in many different places on the cards, etc.. it is important to have each and every item scanned for sale. Every one of our thousands of auctions has the EXACT signed card you are buying so you know exactly what you are buying because every signed card is different as no 2 signatures are the same. If there is more than one signed card listed of a specific celebrity, by haveing each item scanned for each auction, you could pick the one that you like the best and the best one that fits your collection this way!!! This way you will receive in your hands the EXACT signed card you are seeing in the scan!!!! IMPORTANT--After 12++ years on Ebay, this will be our last huge sale. I thank Ebay, the wonderful Ebayers and everyone for over a decade of fantastic support. I loved selling on Ebay with great sells for all these years, however all great things eventually come to an end. This sale because of great demand will continue until my inventory is sold out!!!! Thank you to all!!! Please read the

You have the chance to buy the signed card listed in the title and pictured in the scan!! Please excuse any "streaks" in the scan. Some signed cards due to gloss or style of the signed card causes streaks or signed "metallic looking" cards scanned look super dark. This is the exception as most signed cards are scanned beautifully. Please see scan for the exact item that you are bidding on!! Signed card has trivial/light wear. Once again, please see scan for the exact type of card and condition of the card/autograph you are bidding on. We take alot of time to scan items for individual auctions so you could see EXACTLY what you are bidding on. Some signed cards from private signings, out of sealed packs, etc... Some cards are glossy or different pens are used for signing which effects the clarity or crispness of some signatures. Please simply see the scan to know exactly what type of signed card and quality of signature you are bidding on. Thank you!!

S&H is $3.00 for the U.S and includes tracking. Each additional signed card won or purchased is only .25 cents additional S&H. Payments are required within 4 days as stated by Ebay's policies. Once you are done shopping and bought all you wanted, Paypal will give you the discounted shipping rate for all items purchased so you could make ONE quick payment for all winnings just by pressing "pay now". If you need any assistance, please just e-mail and I am gald to help you. Items will be listed in the morning, late at night, during the day, etc.. so there is no set time to know when new items will be listed which truly makes it fair to everyone, no matter your schedule.

Thanks again to all the Ebayer's for your support of more than 12++ fantastic and succesful years on Ebay!!!! MY general shipping time is stated as 5 business days upon receiving payment and have always been known as a quick shipper. Being mostly a collector, I do know the the thrill it is to finally get a long sought after signed card you were looking for a very long time. Once again have alot of fun and enjoyment buying item(s) to complete a collection or an item from your favorite movie or tv show or celebrity!!!!!!! Best wishes to all!!!!!

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