Peter Matthiessen The Snow Leopard 1st Ed 1st Pt Himalayas National Book Award

Matthiessen, Peter .. .The Snow Leopard
New York: The Viking Press, 1968.
First Edition, First Printing. Hardcover in Dust Jacket. The Snow Leopard is rightly regarded as a classic of modern nature writing. Guiding his readers through steep-walled canyons and over tall mountains, Matthiessen offers a narrative that is shot through with metaphor and mysticism, and his arduous search for the snow leopard becomes a vehicle for reflections on all manner of matters of life and death.
In the process, The Snow Leopard evolves from an already exquisite book of natural history and travel into a grand, Buddhist-tinged parable of our search for meaning. By the end of their expedition, having seen wolves, foxes, rare mountain sheep, and other denizens of the Himalayas, and having seen many signs of the snow leopard but not the cat itself, Schaller muses, "We've seen so much, maybe it's better if there are some things that we don't see."
First Edition, First Printing. Stated " Published in 1978 by The Viking Press " consistent with Viking's designation for First Edition within this time frame. Flap price of 12.95. Code at base of front flap 0878.
National Book Award-winning volume, which recounts a trip to the Himalayas with naturalist George Schaller in the hopes both of encountering a snow leopard in the
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