Peter Pan Unabridged Hardcover Book + 3 Autographs by Tinker Bell Original Model

Peter Pan Unabridged Hardcover Book +
3 Autographs by Disney's Original Tinker Bell Reference Model
This is a wonderful, 191 page, unabridged, hardcover version of the book Peter Pan , by James M. Barrie. It is illustrated by F.D. Bedford and published by Barnes & Noble in New York in 2014. The book measures 8 1/4" x 6 3/8" approximately. This is the original version of the story so it differs somewhat from Disney's version and I think you will most certainly enjoy it. The book is especially attractive because it sparkles with the silver accents they put on the book and seems almost irridescent in places as well.
What makes this book extra special is that it has been autographed by Margaret Kerry, Disney's original live reference model for Tinker Bell for the l953 Disney film, Peter Pan . Margaret has signed her name "Margaret Kerry " on the title page on the right side of the name of the book, Peter Pan , and then put in quotes on the left side "Tinker Bell."
My friend, Margaret Kerry, sent us this special description, shown below. It is -Straight from Tinker Bell herself!
" Do you really know who Peter Pan is? Tinker Bell? Margaret Kerry?
Read Chapter 3 of this beautiful leather bound book and be surprised as you find Tinker Bell telling Peter Pan what she really thinks of him. In the other 27 magical
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