THIS Auction is for a PETER STONE IDEAL STOCK HORSE OR ISH CAROL WILLIAMS' WELL KNOWN AND LOVED POPULAR FAVORITE "STANDARD" OF THE STOCK HORSE BREEDS etched and repainted as a SOOTY OR SMUTTY DARK CHESTNUT OR SORREL ROAN APPALOOSA STALLION, COLOR ALSO KNOWN AS "LILAC ROAN" by Diane Capwell of "The Spotty Mule Factory." This WELL KNOWN and extremely popular mold, the Ideal Stock Horse molded in plastic by the Peter Stone model horse company, was originally sculpted by artist Carol Williams. He is a standard in the model horse world as THE ideal conformational standard for the stock horse breeds. He is in the original as-molded pose or format, without any resculpture work to mane or tail. He's the short mane version with tail to hocks, and some seam smoothing has been done as well as the logo inside the hind leg filled in. His right nostril has a vent hole in it, to allow air pressure to equalize inside the model as it heats or cools. His ears, nostrils, and feet have NOT been ground out or hollowed out. His ears, nostrils, and soles of feet are as molded. His stallion "parts" were made slightly larger to compensate the underdeveloped "portions!" :-> This ISH has been repainted as a SOOTY OR SMUTTY dark chestnut or dark sorrel roan Appaloosa, also known as "lilac roan" due to the lilac tones in some roaned areas of the coat. Some ... read more