Petite LIMOGES IMPORTS France Peint Main FLOWERS hinged trinket box

This brightly multi-colored, hand painted porcelain LIMOGES box from France is in mint condition. It measures just 1.25" in diameter x 1" high. The clasp, in the shape of a flower, snaps closed securely and there is another painting of flowers inside. On the bottom is the authentic hallmark from Limoges Imports, who is a well recognized importer of genuine Limoges porcelain boxes from France. The bottom is also marked "peint main", meaning hand painted in French.

I've been collecting, buying and selling Limoges boxes since my first trip to France many years ago. All of the boxes I sell on Ebay are genuine and offered with pricing low enough so that everyone can enjoy these little works of art. Money will be cheerfully refunded if not satisfied with your purchase.