Petzval monocle from Helios 44m-4

Good day!
My name is Andrew Nagaitsev. I am a photographer, painter and designer of optics from Russia.
Sometimes I make lenses for unusual effects and unusual use. For all my lenses I give a money back guarantee of 60 days, and technical support for the same period.
Do not bet before contact me! This lens is sold strictly individually! Write me a letter first.
What is this lens? This lens is designed by me personally in this year. Schematic diagram borrowed from landscape lens of Chevalier 1839.
There's something about the monocle and its soft glow that I have always liked. Shot in monochrome, there is an unmistakable vintage feel. Shot in color, there is a dreamlike quality.

It's the simplest of lenses: a single positive meniscus (one side convex and the other concave with an overall positive focal length to focus light).

The simple explanation regarding the optics behind the mystery is that a positive meniscus has more spherical aberration (to give you that "glow") than a biconvex lens with the same focal length and aperture. However, if the stop is correctly sized and positioned, it can have less off-axis blur than the corresponding biconvex lens. Moreover, the amount of glow can be controlled by stopping down the lens. Using a 35 mm format, the glow is quite pronounced at f / 4, but grows
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