Peugeot 206 parts manual parts catalogue Interactive CD complete car every part

Peugeot Electronic Parts catalogue EPC - Very detailed most models covered check the listing to see if your model Peugeot is covered
Hello my name is Daniel Hill. This is a great CD if you need to do some work on your car, it covers every component of the entire car from the bodywork to the engine and is aided by 1000s of exploded diagrams to help identify the component you need to replace or work on. The good thing about the diagrams is you can see where the parts go, which makes it easier to carry out the work you need to do and although this is not a workshop manual it is very handy material and will make the task a lot easier.
This is an interactive CD and very simple to use, you will not have to scroll through to find the pages you need, simply The screen shots show theses steps in the images below It really is straight forward and easy to navigate software and also very useful, this will save you £££s in expensive labour costs at a garage
The car models covered are:
106 205 206 306 309 405 406 605 806
The Van models Covered are:
Expert Partner Boxer
Packed with so much information it will not fit onto a regular CD at over 2.5 gigabytes of information it comes delivered to you on a DVD for the price of £3.99! and I am sure you will not be disappointed with the material. If you where
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