Pexto No. 12 As New Monkey Wrench

For all intents and purposes this Pexto model No. 12 is as close to new as you are going to find without getting a new one out of a box. As you may have guessed by the model number, this tool measurers 12 inches in length. I can only find wear in one spot and that is that the points on the knurled knob which adjusts the jaws are partially flattened. How these got this way is difficult to understand as the knob does not make contact when you set the tool down. After this, I cannot find another issue with this tool; the jaws are (pardon me) as virginal as any I have seen, the hammer face still has the factory finish on it and everything else is as new. If you collect wrenches, I don't think this one will disappoint you.

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