Peyton Manning 1998 Finest RC Refractor Rookie SGC 98


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Cert #1255916-036 Grade: SGC 98 GEM MINT Peyton Manning 98 Topps Finest RC Refractor SGC 98 Pop 1 GEM MINT
SGC is considered by many to be the hardest and most consistent grading company in the industry. In over 20 years, of business they have earned the respect of many of the industry's biggest buyers. Over the past few years, their graded card values have been increasing rapidly. High end SGC graded cards seldom make their way onto the eBay market place. Often trading hands through the big auction houses, their sale prices aren't usually well publicized. If you look through post auction house sales you will see that on the right cards SGC brings the most money. For example an SGC 96 1951 Bowman Mantle RC sold for $162,412. This is over four times what the previous mint example had sold for. As their grading company grows, their impact on our great hobby will only get stronger.

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