PF: 2 large uncut Kentucky Geodes, brain rock, 12+ lbs

We have here two all-natural Kentucky geodes that have never been cut or altered in any way. One of them is extremely grimy, with black dirt on the bottom, and both of them will need to be cleaned. Total weight of the two stones is over 12 pounds, and I will be shipping them together in a medium flat rate Priority Mail box with delivery confirmation. We cut and sold a number of these geodes over the years, and I would say that the majority of them held clear quartz, white chalcedony, or white chalcedony with a smallish "vug" or crystal cavity of quartz crystals inside. There's no telling until you open them yourself. However, these two were garden "pets," so that's why they never met the rock saw, as I was enjoying them for their interesting "bumpy" exteriors. There is a yellow ruler in the photos, to give you an idea of their size.

The starting bid is low -- so low that I am selling them at a loss -- because my mineral collection has gotten too large, and I need to make room. At this price, you will have to clean them yourself, and this is a FINAL SALE, no returns accepted item. Also, if you would like to cut them, again, you will have to do it yourself. Our rock saw is just a tad too small for the job.

I don't know the metaphysical purposes for Kentucky Geode. However, because of their shape, we used to nickname them

My Rules: Paypal payments only, within 3 days of end of auction. Sales within the United States only at this time -- sorry, I hope to change this rule at some point but can't quite manage it right now. No Returns accepted, these cheap prices have to be FINAL SALE items. Email me if you have any problems or questions. Don't ship a package back without telling me about your issue first. You will still be responsible for paying for it.

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