Pfaltzgraff Naturewood Snow Globe & Music Box

Pfaltzgraff Snow Globe/ Music Box

Item comes in like new, displayed condition. Features a detailed garden scene with tree branches canopying over the snow globe. The snow globe feature a mirror ball fountain with sculpted water, a leaping frog, lavender, and dragonflies. Sculpted water flows underneath the snow globe into a small 'pond' area with koi and a lily pad. A bench sits underneath the tree canopy, adorned with lavender, birds, garden gloves, and shovel. An open book rests on the bench. Bells hang from a tree branch, and a lantern hands from a post next to the pond.

The music box plays "Favorite Things", from the Sound of Music. Incredibly detailed piece. Perfect gift for a gardener or to complement someone's Naturewood China by Pfaltzgraff.

Item stands approximately 8 1/2" tall, 6" wide, and 7 1/2" long; Heavy piece-- has four protective rubber pads on the bottom to prevent marring of display surface

Bottom of piece reads: " Portfolio (R) by PFALTZGRAFF Made in China Naturewood TM (C)"

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