Pflatzgraff China AMALFI CLASSIC Large Oval Platter

Pfaltzgraff China


Large 14 3/4" platter

This is in great shape!

If you were to purchase this item from a replacement service you would pay $40 , so this is a real bargain for you!

Shipping by weight INSURANCE INCLUDED! Seems high, but shipping rates ARE sky high. âe(tm)s how I determine my shipping prices: I often use USPS Priority mail FLAT RATE boxes to save you money, and add about a dollar for packing supplies. BECAUSE EBAY SHIPPING CALCULATORS DO NOT RECOGNIZE THE BENEFITS OF FLAT RATE BOXES AND MY RATING IS AFFECTED BY THIS, SHIPPING QUOTES MAY NOT BE ACCURATE IN YOUR LISTING. I WILL ADJUST YOUR INVOICE IF FLAT RATE BOX SHIPPING IS LOWER THAN THE SHIPPING PRICE STATED. Flat rate prices $10.95-$14.95 insured. Flat rate shipping can save you a bunch of money, but the items you purchase must fit the box safely. Please trust me to determine the safest and least expensive way to ship your goods. I donâe(tm)t much believe in reserve prices and rarely use them. The buyer deserves to know the minimum amount I will accept for an item, why be frustrated trying to guess? I price items fairly, I think; most are real bargains. Please check my feedback. I pack VERY WELL so your item gets to you without heartbreak, and this takes extra time, materials, and adds a little weight to
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