Phalanx Games - Revolution

Phalanx Games - Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648 - Counters are sorted in ziploc bags. All components present. This is an elegant game for multiplayers. Lovely box art. Box in fine shape. Storage tray included (but of course!).
This item is large and will need to go in a larger box than the usual USPS Priority Mail boxes (thus no flat rate). Weight for box and game (and packaging materials) is 4lbs.
US Bidders only (no exceptions). PayPal for mail items or cash for local pickup. USPS Priority Mail only - will get you the best rate I can get based on your zip code. If you win other items wait for me to send you an invoice for all items.
I am selling off a lot of items so look for more of my items please. For combining items into one shipment - this item is a Group C item. Any other Group C items can be combined with this one. Payment must be received by three days after the auction ends or I will offer it to the next highest bidder. Last time I put items up on Ebay folks made me wait two weeks for the money. No more! If you bid on it pay it promptly. I must make my rent payment by the first of March. No exceptions. I am a prompt shipper and use the Check my feedback to see that folks are pleased with my service. I offer refunds only if for some reason I made a mistake on the description. I try and be fair but please
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