Pharmacy Apothecary Jar-Colchici Semina



Decorative Jar celebrates the profession of Pharmacy. This porcelian jar was for "Colchici Semina". The jar 8" high (with lid on) by 4" wide. Those familiar with these types of Apothecary jars know that t is a heavy variety and a light variety. This is of the heavy variety. The gold bands are in excellent condition and t are no chips or dings on the bottom or jar rim. The decorative paintings are in very fine and in excellent condition. The artwork depicts a Balance, which was essential in the practice of Pharmacy in days gone by. As recently as the 1920s and 1930s, the Pharmacist compounded 90+% of all prescriptions!!! No pre-made tablets or capsules. Prior to that, the Pharmacist grew a majority of the roots, herbsand seeds that were needed in those compounds.

Medicinal Action and Uses--- Padagra- condition of the big toe caused by goat. Goat was usually caused by an accomulation of uric acid crystals.

This jar comes from a smoke free environment

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