Pheasant English Setter Print Ducks Unlimited Dowdy #7

Wayne Dowdy at our Art Gallery signing event.

We are Proud to Announce the

exclusive signing of nationally acclaimed

Artist Wayne Dowdy for eBay/ Store/ Internet.

From the Gallery of Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Wayne Dowdy.


"The Honey Pot"

English Setters - Pheasants

( The champion Series )

The pursuit of the Ring Neck Pheasant by
man is more than a sport, it's a life style.
Trying to trick the wily old rooster into
flushing takes a lot of skill, a little luck,
and the wisdom of a fine bred bird dog.

On this day the roosters were at their best.
The champion English Setters really showed us
why they were born. They had worked long and
hard to bring us to the sweet "Honey Pot".

This Auction is for One (1) Signed and numbered Lithograph.

Limited Print run Numbered out of 900.


Overall Size 21" x 16"

Image Size 18" x 13 1/2"

This Lithograph is NEW & Never Been Framed!

You are buying directly from his PUBLISHER.

Wayne Dowdy's Biography

As a youngster, Wayne Dowdy could be found traipsing along with his dad on the banks of the McKenzie River in Oregon while his father was checking his trap line. Wayne could be found armed with only a
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