PHEIDIPPIDES - Tom Clark Gnome - Retired

PHEIDIPPIDES (September, 1990) A rare retired collectors piece from the 1990's. Pheidippides and his wife Olympia are quite a pair! Not only do they share a pair of running shoes, but they are a pair for life. Pheidippides is tying his sneaker in preparation for the big race. He is named for the swift Greek runner who, in 490 B.C., ran over 25 miles from Marathon to Athens, Greece to alert the city of their victory over the Persians. This was the inspiration for today's marathons (26 miles, 385 yards) run in track meets and the Olympic games. Pheidippides has a Greek coin and a coin loaned to me by Sterling Martin, a champion distance runner who won this in a relay race. Pheidippides knows that with Olympia by his side, he;s pre-paired for life. He comes with a Certificate of Authenticity # 837334, He is Item # 5118, Edition # 43. He is in excellent condition and has been on display in my collection since 1993. He also comes with a complete copy of his creation story. This item has been reduced more than 60% off his original cost. He can be a wonderful addition to someone's collection. This figurine is 7 inches tall and is 5 inches long.