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If you are a rare gold collector or lapidary officianado that loves to cut gold in quartz specimens, you really need to take a good look at this piece!!!! This specimen comes from an incredible old collection of native precious metal specimens from some of the finest historic localities in North America. These specimens came from an estate sale of a 75+ year old woman here in the Boise area about five years ago, and were collected between the late 1800's and 1950 by her late father. We have been offering these throughout the past few years with great interest, but don't have many left so grab them while you can (by the way, this one is quite special and really worth a good look!).
Here is an extremely rare specimen of rich gold intrusions into a very dark gray (nearly black) quartz matrix. The gold content is both quite significant, and incredibly consistent through the piece creating a very rare and desirable specimen, but it also has a substantial capability to be cut and polished into numerous cabochons for jewelry. I did a LOT of research on the Internet prior to creating this listing, and I honestly was not able to find a single specimen of rich gold through dark quartz available anywhere, not even on sites like MINDAT that have thousands of photo's of gold specimens. The very old collection

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