Philadelphia Pennsylvania Charge Coin Strawbridge & Clothier Ex Alpert

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Charge Coin, PA750STR. S & C with account number 6385 on obverse and blank reverse. This item is from the extensive Stephen P. Alpert collection of Charge Coins. He formed the largest group of its kind over many years with nearly 700 pieces in all. He literally wrote the book on Charge Coins. His 2003 standard reference Alpert's Catalogue Of Charge Coins is still available by visiting our Ebay store. Charge Coins were the forerunners of our current Credit Cards and were issued by department stores and other retail and service businesses beginning in the late 19th century. The typical example will have the customer's credit account number on one side and a business logo on the other. They were frequently issued holed to facilitate attachment to a key ring, fob or necklace. They were issued for a wide range of business types and geographical areas. The collection includes many unlisted pieces acquired since the book was written and additionally we have managed to attribute a number of those that had been listed as mavericks. We will be offering this collection exclusively through Ebay over the next year. Buyer pays $2.50 postage. South Carolina residents add 6% sales tax.