Philco 48-200 Code 121 Vintage Bakelite Table Radio

Hello -
This is a Philco 48-200 which was likely made around 1947 or 1948. It is a code 121 which I believe means it was made later or in a different location than the code 125. In a practical sense, it implies that it has a different tube complement, most notably the 50A5 (Loktal) for audio output instead of the 50L5 (octal tube).
This particular radio has had the following repairs made:
- All capacitors and out-of-spec resistors have been replaced - New dial lamp (#47) - New volume potentiometer & power switch - NOS 50A5 to replace a failing prior tube
Some of the things which are notable or neat about this radio:
- It still has the original Philco sticker with tube layout on the bottom - It still has the cardboard backing, which I very seldom see on any radio - The bakelite is very clean. It doesn't appear to have any cracks / chips, etc. The only flaw I could find was that there is some light distortion of the "pattern" on the radio top, likely due the heat of the tubes over the last 67 years!
Some things which could be considered shortcomings:
- The power cord is modern / black instead of the orginal brown - The power plug is a modern "era-appropriate" substitute - The power switch / volume knob was ground from a round shaft to a D-shape and does not fit 100% perfectly. It is a bit
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