Philco Deco Dark brown radio pristine restoration "Darth Vader" m-52-542 c-1952

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All of our restored radios will be given full inspection to ALL components and ALL checked and replaced where needed,including all adjustments done with the proper test equipment and refined tuning for a restored optimum performance! Only in certain cases will we sell sets from estate sales ect. on a "AS IS " bases and this will be stated in the description BELOW!


We will be offering many different vintage radios from a recent local auction in the next month so keep an eye out here for more!

"Its that time of year again! Happy Hoildays from Oldradiodaze!"

Offered in this auction today is this beautiful radio "EYE CANDY" from The Philco radio co . model 52-542 DECO all tube table radio know as the Darth Vader Model for its stunning half moon flawless Grill design. This is another Gorgeous set with a lighted Stunning Deco dial and original dial cover and Factory rear cover. Exhibiting gorgeous mirror finished Cabinet original mfg. c-1952 .

This is a Deco radio that exhibits no real issues noted in or on the cabinet. There are very small scratch marks on the bottom of the cabinet out of sight and one tiny flea bite mark on the top left edge hardly worth mentioning ,splitting hairs here,otherwise very clean for this 60+ year vintage!
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