Philco = RCA Engraved Base Globe 47 Vacuum Tube

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Tube Type: 47 Brand:


Date/Markings: - Condition: Excellent

Tube Tests Minimum Result 1a Transconductance: 1500 2120 Plate Current: 20 31

Test Results, Simply Put:

Test excellent. This should work superbly in your equipment.

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How Others Test Their Tubes & Why My Method Is Best

95% test with ohmmeters, emission testers, and “service” transconductance testers like B&Ks or Hickoks. 4% test with equipment like the AVO testers, computerized cardmatics, or the Amplitrex, but these are rare to see in the marketplace, especially ebay.

With 95% of aforementioned test equipment, you’re getting the following tests, or less: emission, shorts, gas, and transconductance at low voltage unrelated to the manufacturer’s spec sheets or amplifier operating
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