Philip Porter Hand made Imbuia and Rosewod Guitar Hand made Pickups

Philip Porter Guitars Hand Made Strat-O-Like Guitar
Made from:
Through neck section made from sycamore with rose wood center section.
Indian rosewood fret board with head stock face veneer in figured Imbuia.
Body wigs figured Imbuia with pin stripe join.
Pick ups are hand made rosewood formers anlic max 2 magnets and the finest Copper wire, there is another set of pickups that will be included with this guitar as I made another set in anlico max 3 magnets.
Hardware is all chrome made by Gotoh the machine heads, bridge and tail piece.
Electrics two separate volumes for each pick up and one master tone one three way toggle with chrome switch tip.
Listen to the sound and have a look at this youtube clip.
This guitar has some damage on the neck near the nut side a 2inch crack on one side and a 1 inch on the other where it fell when finishing the damage is not bad and has been glue up solid, it pulled backwards so with the presureof the stirngs this should not effect the guitar.
I have had this one around now for at least 6 months to make sure it is alright and I am now selling it for a great low price.
It is a great guitar with a good sound and I hope it will go to a good home.