Philippines #1770-71 SPECIMEN OPT set - mint **NH** - SCARCE

Mint Never Hinged set - In the beginning, SPECIMEN stamps were limited to 1,000 copies only of each issue. From the 1978 Quezon Centenary up to the 1984 Paredes issues, half of all locally printed SPECIMEN stamps were sent to Southern Stamp Service. The other 500 sets were distributed by the Philippine Stamp and Philatelic Section.

There are exceptions to the quantities available of these SPECIMEN stamps because, except for the 1978 Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) se-tenant pair, 1,000 stamps of each issue were overprinted regardless of how many designs there are in a sheet. Therefore, se-tenant issues became much scarcer. There are only 250 sets each of the 1981 Philippine Corals, Philippine Motor Association, Jesuits, and, the 1983 National Science and Technology se-tenant blocks of four. There are only 200 sets of the 1983 Christmas and Philatelic Wee se-tenant strips of five.

By 1990, the quantity of SPECIMEN stamps issued varied from time to time. For the first three issues there were only two sheets of 50 each, and there were only two of the 1991 USAFFE souvenir sheets. Starting with the 1991 St. John of the Cross issue up to the last of the 1992 issues, there were 500 SPECIMEN stamps for each issue, regardless of the number of designs in each sheet, with some exceptions. The USAFFE mini-stamps

Starting 1993, the quantities were further increased to 1,000 pieces of each issue and 200 of each souvenir sheet. This continued up to the 1994 Filipino­-Chinese Chamber of Commerce issue. The printer was still delivering 1,000 pieces of each issue, so se-tenant issues continued to be much scarcer. This problem was rectified starting with the 1994 "Congratulations" issue. Since then, all new issues have 500 sets of SPECIMEN stamps and 200 souvenir sheets.

Dr. Ngo

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It is always amazing to me the short printing runs of the souvenir sheets of the Philippines. These sheets were all issued by the Philippines post and yet, with print runs of 25,000 or less, still catalog less than $20.00. I am sure that as more of the market becomes aware of the real scarcity of these items, that prices will rise significantly.

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