Philippines Spain Spanish Colony Revenue stamp collection #5 Block 24x5 Peso

Nice revenue stamp block of 24 5 peso stamps used

This is the beginning of my personal Spain and Colonies collection of revenue stamps. This was accumulated stamp by stamp over a period of 20 years. Some very nice items and often times stamps were collected by quality. Many high values and unique items scattered throughout the collection. Today the remainder of the collection will be sold including Spanish Antilles or pre Spanish American War 19th century C U B A and thus not subject to any restrictions, Puerto Porto Rico, and the Philippine Islands.


Parcel Railway, Revenue and cinderella collections often have stamps that have damage created by the use of the stamps such as cut cancels, tears, punch holes, missing perfs, short perfs or thins and may have some faults. Please take this into consideration when bidding.

Pay shipping for one item and all other auctions in the same 3 day period ship for free (at cost of item with highest postal charge).

Payment is expected within five days of close of auction. The process of recovering fees after payment is not received will begin automatically (non-paying bidder) after a week.

Stamps/labels on pages or cards will be removed and sent in glassines

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