Philips Holland 6V6GT Branded Pope NOS Amperex 6V6

This auction is for one PAIR of Philips Holland / Pope 6V6GT tubes.

Pope 6V6GT is by far the best example of a 6V6GT ever made. The Pope 6V6GT was made in a Philips Holland factory in Brussels near the border of Belgium and Holland. I have driven by the old factory on my way to the Charleroi airport. This tube was made from 1957 to about 1960. Pope, Adzam, Mullard, and Amperex were names owned by Philips for selling tubes into different areas of the world. Philips really owned the tube industry and were the Microsoft of vacuum tubes.
This tube is made the same way as the old Amperex EL-34. I have run them at 450v DC on the plates and screens, and drawn 70mA from them. They don't budge. I don't want to tell you it's OK to do this in your is way beyond the published limit of the tube. But I was shocked. The sound is what Philips/Amperex is famous for... Great life in the mids, wonderful extension, and humanity!

Posted on the head-case forum:

"I have had several pieces of gear that used them, and the best by 10000% is the Pope 6v6gt ... I don't get why people like the RCAs. If you want the RCAs, for some unknown reason, rummage through old console sets and organs.... they're pretty common there."

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