Philips Toucam Pro flashed as SPC900nc, with 1.25" adapter

Philips PCVC740K ToUcam PRO CCD Webcam flashed as SPC900nc camera For Astrophotography complete with 1.25" nosepiece,and original driver disc included.

USB Connection

The flash upgrade by an expert will cost you £20 on it's own at Astronomiser, this has already been done for you.

Very Rare Webcam and probably the best...if you can find one

Will fit any telescope with 1.25" eyepiece

Complete with telescope 1.25" eyepiece adapter

Great for use on any telescope, i use one on my 8" LX90

Driver and software Disc included, although most modern computers don't need this

This camera will work with alot of widely available software ...i use craterlet from Stark labs, or Sharpcap, but there are many more dedicated to using this webcam for astrophotography.

Will work with all windows even win 7 now it has been flashed and will be recognised by a PC as a Philips SPC900nc camera, so comes with all the features of that camera which are a step up from the original drivers, for all intents and purposes this is an Philips SPC900nc, it just does not look like one

Windows drivers here: http://www./cgi-bin/dcbint/

Product Features and Technical Details for this webcam, although a lot
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