Phillipines, Tribes, Kalingsa, Apayaos, Bontocs, cm287

Phillipines, Tribes, Kalingsa, Apayaos, Bontocs, cm287 Oriental Rug Review/Asian Trade is pleased to offer an original article from Asia Magazine : "Pagan Tribesfolk of the Phillipines, a Pictorial," Artwork by Alexander Koulesh. This is an original article from "Asia Magazine", May, 1935, 4 pp. (loose), 5 Illustrations, 7" x 10" (Image Area). T is some text on the backs of these pages that is incomplete and does not directly relate to the artwork. This article is about the illustrations.

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ASIA Magazine with articles on travel and commentary on Asia, first published in 1917 was merged with Free World and Inter-American to form United Nations World in 1947. In 1917, an announcement appeared in the NY Times. "To stimulate trade with the Far east, including Australia, New Zealand and India which is now beginning to attract the attention of exporters and manufacturers as South America did at the beginning of the war (WW I), the American Asiatic Association of which Charles M. Schwab and Willard D. Straight are active members, has decided to issue as a trade developer a new Magazine to be called "Asia", the first edition of which will come out this week. Leaders in the manufacture of steel, clothing and other great

The above somewhat stilted announcement suggested the new magazine would be a sort of Far Eastern Fortune Magazine . In fact, it turned out to be a very interesting journal and soon attracted top writers and explorers to its pages such as, Pearl S. Buck, Lowell Thomas, Sven Hedin, R. M. Riefstahl, Merian C. Cooper, among many others.

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