philx evil robot amp

Here is a rare chance to get your hands on a pre owned awesome Phil X evil Robot EVR-30 amp. The amp also comes with the footswitch and amp cover

The amp is pre owned and in new condition. We have just taken this amp in p.x and the customer has just had the amp back from being serviced at Andertons. Please feel free to asl any questions. Please see below for spec.

The History of the Evil Robot EVR-C30

When millions of people watched the Fretted Americana vintage guitar videos, hosted by legendary guitarist Phil X, almost everyone was clamouring to find out "what's that tone?!". Phil X's amplifier of choice in those vids was a vintage Tonemaster Troubador 214 combo: a rare late 50s tube amp.

Phil X, Fretted Americana and boutique designer John Kasha got together and bought the old Tonemaster back to life in modern form. The Evil Robot Custom 214 was born!

At first, the only Evil Robot amps available were the USA handmade Custom 214 amps. They sounded great and paid homage to the tone of the original. However, handwiring and point to point circuitry meant that the original Evil Robot was too expensive for many guitarists.

But now, Evil Robot have announced this amp... the EVR-C30. It's got all the awesome tone of the handwired Evil Robot, but at a much lower price point thanks to PCB construction!
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