Phippsburg Popham Beach Maine Rockledge Hotel brochure

Years ago when I was a young boy I received small roll top desk with it's contents still in place from Mrs. Frances Fickett, the widow of Captain Napoleon Fickett who I am told was the last lighthouse keeper of Pond Island Light House which lies at the mouth of the Kennebec River in Maine. The desk had been used by the Captain in his home at Popham Beech ( next to the Popham Beach Chapel and Library) The desk was my pride and joy, and intact, I still own it! Why a kid of 14 would hold on to the contents is beyond me . But I did and that urge to keep and cherish what was old,at 14 is probably why I do this stuff today.This little pamphlet of the Rockledge Hotel is dated 1914, and is filled with wonderful images of the Popham Beach area. I show you but a sampling. As a young man growing up in Maine, I along with my family would move to the family cottage at Popham for the summer. I remember my father telling stories of his father lugging buckets of salt water from the beach up to the hotel to sell to the guests for their feet at twenty five cents a bucket.When exploring the woods as a young lad in the 1960s, I discovered the Rock ledge or what remained of it,as it had burned many years before.The pamphlet is in generally good condition though some of the interior pages have come loose from the staples that hold it together.T is one ... read more