I recieved this piece of equipement as a gift, and it was used briefly as a spectrum analyzer only. I don't have the instructions, or original box. It was working the last time I used it, which was probably 2 years ago. Sold as is. Is in good shape, a few scratches here and there and it is dusty. Continental US only, paypal only, any questions just ask.

Phonic's I7600 SUPRACURVE combines the best features of a digital
equalizer and a real-time spectrum analyzer(RTA) into one rack space
unit. Dual 30 x 13-segment LED chains provide clear and immediate
frequency setting displays. Additionally, each EQ section can be bypassed
for quick comparison between the processed and unprocessed sounds.
Dual-channel 30-brand real-time spectrum analyzer (RTA)
24-bit A/D and D/A converters with 256/512 times over sampling
for high headroom and resolution
Internal 32-bit/44.1 KHz processor
Provides 12 dB of boost or cut
Channel-link function
Stores up to 60 programs: 30 factory-set, 30 user-defined
Selectable unit of measurement for RTA line signal: dBu or dBV
Six view range options for band-level measurement
Six response time options
Peak-hold options: permanent and none
Three weighting options: A weighting, C weighting, and flat
Pink noise generator outputs balanced test
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