Photo Album 1933-45 WWII German Planes

Offered is a nice large collection of photos of various German War Planes and Officers/Pilots from the World War II era. Cover of the Album says Der Luftwaffe 1933-45. There appears to be about 400 different great photos in this Album. There is nearly 80 pages to the Album each with an average of about 5 photos per page. Some of the photos explain the kind of Plane, Incident, or the Person whom you are looking at. Photos include some great individual shots of the following types of German Planes: Focke Wolf, Heinkel, Dornier, Gotcha, Fiesler, Blohm & Voss, Bachem, Henschel, Junkers, Bucker, Fiat and Messerschmitt. Photos came from an estate of a gentleman who served in the War. Not certain if these were taken by him or if he acquired them along the way and decided to make this Album for himself. A few even look as though they were taken at an Airplane Museum/Air Field at later date after he returned home. Some of the photos of the Planes do not have anything written on the back. There is a good many, however, which on the back say Reproduction forbidden without permission by Heinz J. Nowarra Berlin-Ltfd., Weddigenweg 69. There is also some photos that say Copyrighted Photo from Negative Files of Edgar Dergan Aviation Photographer Sold Exclusively through Air Books P.O. Box 958 New Rochelle, NY. These are some of the ones that ... read more