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Faro Game
Faro, named for Pharaoh, from an old French playing card Gambling game played with a standard pack of 52 cards. First played in France and England, Faro was especially popular in U.S. Gambling Houses of the Wild West. Players bet against a Banker (Dealer), who draws two cards-one that wins and another that loses-from the deck (or from a dealing box) to complete a turn. Bets-on which card will win or lose- are placed on each turn, paying 1:1 odds. According to western History, Black Jake was the owner of a Faro table in Virginia City,Nevada in the 1860s. He lost $70,000 in one night and shot himself.A second owner of the table ran it for one night, but could not make good on his losses.He also shot himself.The table was stored until the 1890's, when it was made into a Blackjack table at the Delta Saloon.One snowy night, a drunken gold miner, after losing heavily at another saloon, came into the Delta.He wagered a gold ring for $5 and won. He went on to win $86,000, some horses, and a gold mine,wiping out the dealer's possessions.This led to the third suicide, after which the table was never used again.
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