Hello New York Central Railroad steam enthusiasts and collectors . . . For your consideration - this rare 8x10" b&w glossy print photograph of the New York Central's short-lived streamlined Pacific-type "Mercury" locomotive & tender. (Please see scan of photo loading below.)
Following on the heels of the Commodore Vanderbilt... the locomotive pictured was one of only two locomotives to receive this version of streamlined sheet metal...designed by Henry Dreyfuss, to power New York Central's "Train of Tomorrow" - the Mercury. These locomotives were actually 4-6-2 K5 Pacific's, and after the streamlining conversion in 1936, began powering the "Mercury" between Cleveland and Detroit. If you look closely at the cab side (at right) you can make out the very faint lettering "Mercury" just below the window frame. Picture was snapped at Chicago in 1939. (This print was darkroom-processed from an original negative.)
Please click to see more photographic examples of NYC streamlined steam, which I'm currently listing - Thanks, Norm. (I also have a NYC illuminated billboard for your Lionel or American Flyer train layout.)
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