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ARCHER X presents


From sweet angelic sounds to monsters of the deep, a universe of sounds

Light controlled theremin built into a high grade stomp box (made of 1/8th inch aluminum) that has mounting flanges, photocell and ultra bright flashing LED in rainbow colors.

The flasher gives a great edgy distortion and ring modulator type effect periodically, when its sound coloration comes on. Light and sound influence each other. Use any light source besides and including the LED; flashlight, dimmer switches, lighter, blinky toys, TV, invites experimenting.

The LED is also a standalone visual accent to room ambience, projects nicely in low lighting.

Remember to turn device off when not in use.

Consumer tip: Don't buy any Alesis theremins! There terrible! I tried one at Guitar Center once. I have owned a Moog Etherwave so I know what I'm talking about. I hate to see you waste your money.

Plug into reverb, delay, or phaser, distortion, volume pedal is righteous.

Quality craftsmenship-Archer X has been building custom electronics for 15 years. Comes with power switch, volume knob, 1/4

Runs on a 9 volt battery (included).You will need a phillips screwdriver to change battery.

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