Photo: USAF Convair B-58 "Hustler

Offered: Original 8X10, black and white photograph of the USAF Convair B-58. On the back of photograph is typed caption statement that reads as follows:

The USAF B-58 "Hustler" with the detachable "pod" carried under its fuselage. Convair has designed several interchangeable pods for the faster-than-sound bomber. The B-58 will carry the pod required by the mission the plane is to perform. The delta-singed B-58 is built by General Dynamics Corporation's Convair Divison at its Fort Worth, Texas, plant.

Photograph from the archive 1930 - 1950's of prolific aviation author, David C. Cooke. Entire archive purchased in total and incrementally being sold.

Condition: Excellent condition. Author's notes along front, white border of photograph.

Opening Bid: $3.99

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