Photograph A.B. Stone 1911 flight Tri-state race

1911 photograph by Norbery? of the Tri-State race by pilot A.B. Stone at Worcester, Mass. The photograph is an 8 X 10. This come with a dry plate negative of same. The negative size is 4 X 5 inches. See my other listing of photo of Thomas Milling at same race. In wrhite lettering it states "A.B.Stone. Alighting after flight at M.(?) E. Fair. Worcester, Mass. Norbery Photo."

The wording below is from the Milling data at the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum website.

A few months after learning to fly, Milling was to achieve acclaim by winning the Tri-State Biplane Race, flying from Boston to Nashua, New Hampshire to Worcester, Massachusetts to Providence, Rhode Island back to Boston, a total of 175 miles. At the time, this constituted the longest cross-country race of its kind in the country. Milling flew it in a Wright biplane, without the use of a compass. It was his first night flight and its dramatic finish was accomplished with the help of several large bonfires to provide guidance. Milling won several other contests that day, against a field of experienced fliers.