Photograph of HMS STAR Torpedo Boat Destroyer (C Class)

Photograph of the Royal Navy C Class Torpedo Boat Destroyer HMS STAR built 1896, scrapped 1919. Some of these photographs of early destroyers maybe copies or from poor negatives. Good condition. This is one of a large number of photos & postcards of Royal Navy Destroyers from 1894 to date. Please be guided by my picture, what you see is what you get. Generous postal discounts on multiple wins.

The 30 knotters, this group of vessels were the amongst first Destroyers built for the Royal Navy & were known as Torpedo Boat Destroyers. Although similar no two where identical, this group were known as the "C" Class.

A Word about this Collection .

This picture came from a huge collection of 1500 photos of the Royal Navies 1100 or so destroyers, from the very first, up to the present Darings. The collection comprises, photographs, postcards & some sketches of 95% of these ships. The pictures are actually part of a 24 volume collection giving a written detailed account of each of the vessels pictured, along with maps of various destroyer actions etc. The ships crests have been beautifully drawn in inks & coloured in. I am loath to break up this collection but needs must, as they say. All of the pictures will be listed individually over the coming months. Condition is variable throughout. Sometimes
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