lot of 37, mostly cabinet style images, but several boudoir and larger photographs. Most with imprint of `Williams.` White`s Institute in Wabash, Indiana had a long, and varied history. Founded in 1853 as the result of a bequest by Josiah White, a wealthy Quaker from Philadelphia, the Institute was one of two envisoned by this coal magnate. Both were envisioned as manual labor institutes to be open to boys and girls without distinction of race. Property in Wabash was purchased directly from the Miami Indians. Throughout the 1860s and 70`s, the Institute languished. It was apparently difficult to find boarders and just as hard to find qualified supervisory personnel. In 1882 a decision was made at the Yearly Meeting of the Friends in Indiana to enter into a relationship with the Federal Government to board and educate Indian children. Eventually, more than 60 Indian children from a number of Western reservations were boarded there annually. This pattern continued until 1895, when the last class passed through the school. White`s Institute, like other so-called `Indian Schools` of the time, was devoted to assimilating Native Americans into white society. Students were trained in the manual arts, were not allowed to wear traditional clothing, and were required to speak English. Most of the images in this group are identified in inked ... read more