Photos of Hank Williams Sr., Hank's Wedding, and Father

These are some pictures I ran across when I was going through my mother's things after she died. My mother's father, and hank William's father were brothers. The first picture is of Hank Sr. in his car. The woman in the back, I am only guessing, is his mother. The two men in the back ground are, (left) my grandfather, Robert Williams, (right) Hank's father, but you can't see anything of him. He is just an outline. The child in the front is unknown to me. The second picture is of Hank, and his new bride, Billie Jean. This woman married Johnny Horton after Hank's death, and soon after that marriage Johnny Horton was killed in a plane crash. The third picture is of Hank's father, Elonzo, (Lonnie) Williams, (right). The man on the left is someone I can not recognize. Hank's father was Elonzo H. Williams. The H. was given to him when he joined the service because he had to have a middle inital so they picked H. These photos are not original. However, the picture of Hank, and Billie Jean was given to my mother by Billie Jean at a William's family reunion some years ago. The pictures will be made from the originals that I have. They will be 8"x10" glossy. If you have any questions about these photos, or related Williams family questions, that I can answer, feel free to ask. By the way. Our family knows nothing of Hank Jr. He never, to my ... read more