What I'm offering for bids is a fantastic George Washington Mint sterling silver collectors plate the Modern Master Picasso Don Quixote,dela mancha,stamped Wshington Mint Certified 2681-1972.
This truly gorgeous plate is 8" dia is 6 Oz's solid sterling silver. This comes in a velvet lined presentation box with silver pouch and has two pc paper work,one is Certification and provenance A first in a series of MODERN MASTERS from GEO WASHINGTON MINT.Picassso's choice was to reproduce on silver Don Quixote de la Mancha back in 1972,a great choice to have decided on this exqusite reproduction of one of his finest works to have it produced on a precious metal by the skilled hands of artist from the Washington mint.The ist edition issue price in 1972 was $250.00.

Remember,This silver plate in in a mint condition state,just as it was when produced in 1972.The only bit of ware would be on the inner upper lid that holds this plate shows some ware to the blue velvet material which closes against the plate when closed.T also be a few dings to the outer vinyl material of the presentation box.
I have owned this plate since early 1970s,and have kept it untouched and stored away all these years,and its now time to let someone else enjoy it beauty.I had 3 plates all alike but different certification numbers,I did sell one a couple
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