for your consideration is a nice drafting table made by or for Pickett. The label on the edge of the table reads “PICKETT Designer”. The top measures 42 inches wide by 31 inches deep and is covered with a vinyl top. It is height adjustable from about 30 inches to about 40 inches and is able to be tilted. It may be fully tilted to the vertical position for storage. A small drawer for storing your drafting tools is mounted on the right side that stays level even when the table is tilted. It could possibly be mounted on either side. The table is photographed with other drafting equipment that is being listed elsew and is not being included with the sale of the table. The drafting tools are not being sold.
When not being used, the table has always been protected with a cover that will be packaged with the table. After disassembly, all hardware was reinstalled in its proper location for easy reassembly. I have taken pictures of the disassembly and will send them by email to the winning bidder if t is any question as to what goes w Thank you for looking.