Pickett Slide Rule Metal Metric Conversion N909-ES

New Pickett Slide Rule Metric Conversion N909-ES. This slide rule is in excellent condition. It does have the normal marks like the other slide rules I sell, which include scratches/stains/dings. This slide rule does not appear to have any corrosion or rust on it. It does have some scratches in the finish and some small dots which appear like pin holes and some other little marks in the finish. These marks do not appear to be serious but some that are present may be more serious. The rule does also have a small mark under the right hand side of the indicator but I cannot tell what it is. The indicator also has some marks on its edges and some mold marks when it was made at the factory and some small scratches but does not appear to have any serious marks although some may be present. The rule also comes with a case which is in excellent condition just having the normal marks that my cases usually have which include stains/scratches/mold but none of these marks appear to be serious although some maybe more serious. The rule also comes with an instruction manual which is in good condition. The book does have rust on its staples and a crease in the middle and some other marks like folds. It also has some stains and other marks. It does not appear to have any tears but some may be present as I have not opened the book. The rule also ... read more