Picnic Time Purdue Boilermakers - Roadside Emergency Kit, Black with Orange

Picnic Time Purdue Boilermakers - Roadside Emergency Kit- Black with Orange
Product Features
The Roadside Emergency Kit by Picnic Time will give you peace of mind knowing that you're prepared when an unexpected auto emergency arises. The kit features a triangular-shaped tote with carry handle that doubles as a reflective hazard warning sign and contains essential tools for roadside emergency repair- including: 1 set of jumper cables (8.2-ft long- 15-gauge copper with laminated instructions tag affixed to the cables)- 1 heavy-duty plastic ice scraper- 1 tire-pressure gauge- 1 9-piece ratchet set (socket sizes ranging from 3/16" to 1/2") with rigid hand driver- 1 pair of standard slip-joint pliers- 1 flathead screwdriver (7-1/4")- 1 Phillips screwdriver (7-1/4")- 1 roll of red electrical tape- blade-style automotive fuses: (1) 10 amp- (2) 15 amp- and (1) 20 amp- 1 pair of white work gloves (woven heavy-duty cotton blend)- and insulated ring and spade terminals (3 of each). Makes a great gift for any car owner.
Color: Black with Orange
Dimension: 12" Length X 3.5" Width X 12" Height
Weight: 4.75 lbs
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