Pretty As A Picture Blue-Eyed Blonde - NR

I have recently changed my ebay ID from “adamsmom1” to “magic_elizabeth”, after a favorite childhood book of mine about a doll. It kind of felt like getting a tattoo (I don’t know how that feels of course, I’m just guessing!) after having the same name for so many years. Whee!!!

Up for auction today is this very angelic looking 15 ½�€ tall composition girl with strawberry blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes I’ve seen in a long time.

I’m quite certain this all-American girl didn’t actually start out as an American, clued in by the tatters of her original Scottish costume and by the faint “Made in Cana----“ on the back of her neck. She’s American now! Although her heritage is being preserved in the form of her onesie being modified to suit her now and the tendency to say, “eh?” at the end of her sentences. Kidding, Canada!

She has crazing, including quite a bit on her face, but it doesn’t jump out unless you look really closely. Her cheeks, knees and the backs of her hands are nice and rosy. One of her sweet blue eyes has some scratches in the back of the pupil. Her lips have been repainted and she’s been restrung. Her mohair wig is in nice condition with it’s original barrettes.

She’ll come to you in her bonny onesie, a pretty floral dress made to set off her eyes, a red coat and hat to set
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